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Here is the second volume of poetry by Thomas D. Jones, a New Jersey-born poet now residing in Rhode Island. Lyrics and philosophical musings in the spirit of Whitman and Jeffers; narratives ranging from Madame Butterfly to Egyptian mummies. Jones’ first book of poetry, Genealogy X, was published by The Poet’s Press in 2000. His poem “Flute Girl” appeared in Language and Culture (online) in the Winter of 2008 and his poem “A Bagger’s Life” appear in an anthology called Appleseeds in Fall 2008. His poetry last appeared in Raintiger (, The Surface, Scrivener’s Pen and Write-Away on-line journals, and his work has been published in numerous print magazines throughout the country. Originally from northern New Jersey, he has a BA in English and an MA in Publishing Studies from New York University, and is the former publisher and poetry editor of Wings, an online magazine. After twelve years in the publishing field in the New York/ New Jersey area, he began teaching ESL and computer skills at adult education programs in Rhode Island.

Second edition, 2019. This is the 238th publication of The Poet’s Press. 124 pages, 6 x 9 inches, paperback. ISBN 978-0922558988. $12.95. CLICK HERE to order the paperback from Amazon. Or, CLICK HERE to order the PDF e-book from Payhip $2.99.

Thomas D. Jones' first book, Genealogy X, was a hand-made, limited edition chapbook produced by The Poet's Press in Weehawken in the year 2000. We have now re-set the type for the edition and recreated in a PDF ebook, with all the original art elements and design. CLICK HERE to purchase the PDF e-book for $2.99. The PDF is available for immediate download for $2.99.


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