Other Editorial Projects

Contributing editor: Printing News, 1982 to 2004. This weekly newspaper serves the graphic arts industry's largest market. BR contrbuted new reporting, editorial columns, book reviews, and printing history features. Among his latest articles were two definitive statistical studies on the decline of printing establishments in Manhattan.

Catalogs and promotion materials for the Executive Certification Program (ECP) of National Association of Printers and Lithographers, 1985-1986. Extensive consulting with program director and graduate school faculty including editing of trade press articles prepared by marketing professors. BR helped create a curriculum on printing marketing that was taught at more than half a dozen universities in the 1980s and 1990s.

Editor and principal writer for PrintCatalog, the first detailed catalog of the publications of Printing Industries of America. Project involved reviewing and selecting from among some 600 published items. Issued 1985. At the time this project was undertaken, this national business group and its affiliated special interest groups had no publications catalog at all.

Editor, PrintEd Letters, a member service newsletter of Printing Industries of America, 1985-1986.

Contributing editor, Productivity Plus: The Practical Newsletter for Graphic Arts Waste & Spoilage Measurement & Control. 1983-1984. Printing Industries of America.

Editor, Managing Print Sales, A monthly newsletter for printers, by Printing Industries of America, 1983 to 1990 (publication merged with Successful Print Sales ).

Editor, Successful Print Sales, A monthly newsletter for printers by Printing Industries of America, 1983 to 1992.

Editor, Practical Marketing for Printers, a monthly newsletter for printers by Printing Industries of America, from September 1983 to the end of 1992.

Editor, Vectors: New Technology for Printing and Publishing Executives. Published from 1982 to 1985 by Printing Industries of America.

Editor, “Things from Afield,” a twice monthly column in Printing News, October 1989 to 1992.

Editor, “Ideas for Action” pages of Quarterly Business Indicator Report, National Association of Printers and Lithographers, 1986-87.

Editor, New Equipment, Products and Technology Newsletter , National Association of Printers and Lithographers, 1974-75.

Editor, In Command. A series of 48, 4-page training newsletters for word processing operators, co-authored with Jane Madson. The Economics Press. 1984 to 1989.


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