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In addition to writing about graphic design and prepress topics, Brett Rutherford has working experience as a publication and book designer. He has set metal type by hand, and has operated every generation of typesetting equipment from the strike-on "cold type" machines of the 1970s through the last generation of digital typesetters. He was an early user of Ventura Publisher, Corel Draw and other desktop publishing and design programs, and continues to work with up-to-date tools to create new book designs, web pages, and e-books. As publisher at The Poet’s Press, he has designed and typeset more than 300 books.

These are his publications on design and prepress topics (see also the Printing History Biblio page and the Technology Biblio page for more):

Word Processing and Office Automation

Brett Rutherford and Jane Madson-McCabe created "In Command," a series of newsletters in the early days of word processing, aimed at helping operators with only typing skills to learn the complexities of this new technology. This series was sold to The Economics Press, which published them. Over 100,000 newsletters were sold by subscription.


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