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Alexander DOROTHY ALEXANDER has a BA in psychology from Montclair State University and is completing her masters in social work at New York University, where she is due to graduate in May of this year. She was a journalist for The News of Paterson. Dorothy has been an active member of the “Palisades Poetry Scene” since the 1990s, when she hosted a poetry reading series in Teaneck, New Jersey. Her poetry has appeared in Sensations Magazine.
Alegretti JOEL ALLEGRETTI is the author of The Plague Psalms (2000), now in its third edition, and Father Silicon, selected by the Kansas City Star as one of the 100 Noteworthy Books of 2006. Both books are published by The Poets Press. His newly-released third collection, Thrum, is a chapbook of poems, prose poems and brief poetic essays about musical instruments, published by Poets Wear Prada (2010). Allegretti’s work has appeared in New York Quarterly, Margie, Rattapallax, Laurel Review, Art/Life Limited Editions, Descant, Confrontation, Xcp Cross-Cultural Poetics, River Oak Review, and many other national journals.
Belvedere CATERINA BELVEDERE has been active in the “Palisades,” or “Hudson River,” poetry scene since 1996. She wears many hats, as writer and performer, mother, healer, teacher, and artist. Born to Italian parents, Caterina’s love of life through the spoken word, music, dance, art, opera, architecture, and cooking are, in her words, “a natural inheritance.” As an adult, her tai chi and Taoist studies have sparked a keen interest in Chinese poetry, particularly the works of Lao Tzu and Chuang Zu. Diverse poetic influences also include Walt Whitman, Giuseppe Ungheretti, Emily Dickinson, and Gabriele D’Anunzio, among others.
Chorazy JOHN CHORAZY was the editor of The Ever Dancing Muse from 1993 to 2003. He has facilitated writing workshops as a teaching artist for the Artists in Education program sponsored by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, as well as the New Jersey Music Society’s Literacy Through Jazz program. His poems have appeared widely in literary journals and the Small Press. Poems for Lunch, an assortment of short works, was published in 1997 by Who Who Who Publishing. His collection Walking Through My Father’s Garden won the William Paterson University English Department Chapbook Competition and was published in 2006 by WPU
Cimillo CATHERINE CIMILLO CAVALLONE is a full-time English teacher and mom who enjoys creative writing during rare moments of free time, reading fiction and researching Victorian architecture throughout New Jersey. Her poetry has appeared in Four Walls, Sensations Magazine, and The Rift Arts Forum Publication.
Derman AZA DERMAN is a New York eclectic, avid reader, and history buff. She recently opened an eBay store called Azantia Jewelry (www.ebay.com/azantia_jewelry), launching her own unique product line. She plans to pursue her twin passions of forensic anthropology and Scandinavian archaeology. Currently, Aza resides in Westchester, New York, and nurtures an incurable addiction to poetry.
Garrett DAVIDSON GARRETT is a native of Shreveport, Louisiana, currently living in New York City. He is the author of a collection of poetry and prose entitled King Lear of the Taxi (Advent Purple Press, 2006). In August 2009, he was featured in Joel Allegretti’s tribute to Leonard Cohen: You Know Who I Am, at the Cornelia Street Café in Greenwich Village. His literary works have appeared in The New York Times, Xavier Review (New Orleans), The Episcopal New Yorker, Sensations Magazine, The Unknown Writer, and in the Friends For Life and The Wild Angels anthologies.
Hall photo JONATHAN HALL is a poet, fiction writer, and critic originally from Rochester, New York. He completed an MFA in fiction writing and a PhD in American Literature at Cornell University. His work has appeared in White Pelican Review, Poetry Motel, Another Chicago Magazine, Sou’wester, The Hawaii Review, and elsewhere, and he has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Hall currently teaches English at York College, City University of New York.
LaNeve DENISE LA NEVE writes both poetry and fiction. Her work has most recently appeared in the international journal The Istanbul Literary Review (www.irlmagazine.net) January 2010, and in the 2008 and 2009 issues of The Rutherford Red Wheelbarrow Anthology, along with unpublished work by William Carlos Williams, among others. Denise won Sensations Magazine’s Best Newcomer contest for poetry (2005), as well as Sensations’ short story contest (2007).
Lucianna photo ROY LUCIANNA is a published poet, musician, and exhibited painter/sculptor. He has been writing seriously for fifteen years, was an active member of the “Palisades Poetry Movement” in the 1990s, and an editor for The Rift Arts Forum Publication from 1996-1999. He also contributed poetry and artwork for The Rift, and hosted the Rift-sponsored “Dead Poets Revival” series, comparing the lives and work of two historical poets each month. Roy is self-employed as a teacher and practitioner of Taiji Quan, Qigong, meditation, qi healing, Taoist arts, astrology, and shamanic counseling.
Lyon Photo BRANT LYON writes poetry, fiction, reviews, and music. His poems have appeared in Rattle, Lullwater Review, Medicinal Purposes, BigCityLit, and other literary journals. Select works have been anthologized in The Company We Keep (Poet Warrior 2003), A Cautionary Tale (Uphook Press 2008), and The Rutherford Red Wheelbarrow Anthology (2008 and 2009). Brant has put together a collection entitled Your Infidel Eyes (Poets Wear Prada 2006), now in its second printing, based on his love affair with oasis life in Egypt.
Messineo Photo DAVID MESSINEO — poet, performance artist, poetry editor, and publisher — has been active in the New Jersey poetry scene across five decades. He is founder and editor of Sensations Magazine. His work has appeared in national magazines on four continents, and in seven books (First Impressions, Suburban Gothic, A Taste of Italy, A Taste of Brazil, Restoration, Formal, and the still-in-progress Historiopticon). He has hosted over 700 poetry events in 48 states across 24 years.
Poloskey MARIANNE POLOSKEY is a widely published poet whose work has appeared in such literary journals as North American Review, Louisiana Literature, Paterson Literary Review, Connecticut Review, Phi Kappa Phi Forum, Potomac Review, River Oak Review, SLANT, Palo Alto Review, Eclipse, The Spoon River Poetry Review, Phoebe, and Visions International. Her work is also in several anthologies, including Inside Grief; Rough Places Plain: Poems of the Mountains; American Diaspora; Red, White & Blues; and Stories from Where We Live: The South Atlantic Coast and Piedmont — A Literary Field Guide.
Post S. GILI POST has roots in the post-punk psychedelic music scene that was centered in NYC’s Lower East Side in the 1980s and ‘90s. Since the latter 1990s, Suzanne has lent her voice to poetry and playwriting. She performed off Broadway with other “Rifters” at the Red Room, and continues to stage performances and recitals, and to host poetry readings at venues such as Wanted — Poets Dead and Alive and the Underground Railroad Museum Poetry Salon, both in Burlington County, New Jersey. Her work has been published recently in Sensations Magazine, The Haddonfield Anthology, and online by The Zen Society.
Rich photo SUSANNA RICH is a 2009 Emmy Award nominee for poetry she wrote and voice-overed for Craig Lindvahl’s documentary Cobb Field: A Day at the Ballpark. She is the author of two poetry chapbooks, Television Daddy and The Drive Home (both from Finishing Line Press). She is a Fulbright Fellow in Creative Writing, Collegium Budapest Fellow, and Pushcart Prize nominee. Her work has appeared in The Evansville Review, Feminist Studies, Nimrod, Phoebe (both Fairfax and Oneonta), English Journal, Pilvax (Budapest), Porcupine, Southern California Review, Sensations Magazine, Tiferet, Urthona (UK), Willow Review, Lips, and Zone 3. She is Professor of English and Distinguished Teacher at Kean University in New Jersey.
Rivera photo EDDIE RIVERA was born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey. He started writing at the age of 20, and has published a chapbook, My Sentiments Exactly (1996). Eddie was a member of POET-X, a five-person poetry performance group that was initiated in 1997 and active for several years. He and the other four members of the group all appear in this anthology. He has been a featured poet in many New Jersey venues, including the North Jersey Literary Series (Teaneck, New Jersey), the Rochelle Park Library poetry series, Borders (Wayne and Paramus, New Jersey), and the Specialty Cup (Ridgewood, New Jersey). His poetry has appeared in Sensations Magazine and The Rift Arts Forum Publication.
Trause photo JOHN J. TRAUSE is director of the Oradell Public Library, and past director of the Wood-Ridge Memorial Library (both in New Jersey). He has two chapbooks: Seriously Serial (Poets Wear Prada, 2007), and Latter-Day Litany (Éditions élastiques, 1996). In 2009 John was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. His translations, poetry and visual work appear or are forthcoming in numerous publications, including Sensations Magazine, Cover, The Rift, Xavier Review, The Alternative News, Radix, Now Culture, The Rutherford Red Wheelbarrow Anthology, The Journal of New Jersey Poets, Lips, Offerta Speciale, Plainsongs, Brevitas, and Sulphur River Review, among others, and in online journals like Sidereality, Pedestal Magazine, and ditch.
Warden photo GALEN WARDEN is both a poet and an artist. Her work has appeared in various anthologies, literary magazines and journals, including Sensations Magazine, Lips, The Paterson Literary Review, The Ever Dancing Muse, The Book Of Hope, The World Book of Healing, and, most recently, Get Satisfied: How 20 People Like You Found the Satisfaction of Enough. Her latest book, Invoking Eros, is a collection of erotic and semi-erotic poems and paintings.


BEYOND THE RIFT: POETS OF THE PALISADES. Paul Nash, senior editor. A decade of poets featured at the North Jersey Literary Series, the liveliest poetry venue on the wrong side of the Hudson. Shows the remarkable variety and quality of work being done outside the Manhattan poetry hive. Emerging from the Gothic-oriented literary and arts magazine, The Rift, founded by Alda Xavier, the series has introduced new poets, while also providing a venue for established poets to reach new audiences. These poets have broken free from the self-absorption of prior decades and reflect a commitment to narrative, to communication, and to the power of language as a well-aimed arrow. The work in this anthology helps make the case that the Muse has indeed flown to the provinces.

Nash with books

This anthology was edited by Paul Nash (shown above), Denise LaNeve, David Messineo, Susanna Rich, and John J. Trause. All poets in the volume were featured readers at the North Jersey Literary Series during the last decade. Poets included in the anthology are Dorothy Alexander, Joel Allegretti, Raphael Badagliacca, Caterina Belvedere, John Chorazy, Cathy Cimillo Cavallone, K. Elizabeth Costa, Aza Derman, Estrella Gabrie-Garcia, Davidson Garrett, Jonathan Hall, Patrick Hammer, Jr., George Harvilla, Josh Humphrey, Peter Jawarowski, Thomas D. Jones, Denise LaNeve, Richard Loranger, Roy Lucianna, Brant Lyon, David Messineo, Gene Myers, Paul Nash, Marianne Poloskey, S. Gili Post, Daniel Quinn, Jamie McNeely Quirk, Susanna Rich, Eddie Rivera, Denise Rue, C.D. Russell, Brett Rutherford, John Salacan, Joseph Andrew Sapia, S. Thomas Summers, John J. Trause, Doris Umbers, Galen Warden, and Donald Zirilli. Artwork was contributed by Roy Lucianna, Tom Fitzpatrick, Rebecca Pierson, and Galen Warden.

Published May 2010. 168 pp., 6x9" Paperback edition ISBN 0-922558-44-2 $16.95; hardcover edition ISBN 0-922558-45-0 $24.95. Download of PDF $5. CLICK HERE TO ORDER FROM THE POET'S PRESS ONLINE BOOKSTORE. To read a free PDF sampler of the anthology, CLICK HERE.


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