Night Gaunts: An Entertainment Based on the Life and Writings of H.P. Lovecraft, by Brett Rutherford . expanded second edition of Brett Rutherford's biographical play. The book also includes a number of "ceremonial" poems written to be read at H.P. Lovecraft's grave in Swan Point Cemetery, Providence. The play has been performed twice at The Providence Athenaeum, in translation in Heidelberg, Germany (January 2006), and was adapted as a radio play by New England Institute of Art in Brookline, Mass. You can order the print edition for $14.95 from our NEW ON-LINE BOOKSTORE. To read the PDF, CLICK HERE

Plus Photo Gallery of photos from the Providence production. 01/2006

The Plague Psalms, by Joel Allegretti. A cheerful compendium of The Spanish Inquisition, the Phantom of the Opera, the Black Death, and other dark delights. A powerful collection of neoRomantic poetry in a Grim Reaper edition. Preview this book in PDF format or CLICK HERE to order the edition in its paperback edition. 05/2008
Cthulhu Prayer Society and Friends of H.P. Lovecraft

During the years 2000 to 2003, local friends and fans of H.P. Lovecraft met occasionally in Providence for literary, artistic, and social exchange. This publication contains articles, poems, event announcements and fascinating news about all things strange and wonderful that happened in Providence during that time. Anyone planning to visit Providence for a Lovecraft tour wil find these back issues useful. Read the complete run of our newsletters in PDF format. Sad to say, the newsletter has ceased publication. LINKS REPAIRED AND UPDATED MAY 2008.

Issue #1 March 2001 The Tree at Lovecraft's Grave -- Clyde Tombaugh Pluto Tribute

Issue #2 April 2001 -- Poems -- New Planets Discovered Around Nearby Stars -- Dracula Review

Issue #3 May 2001 -- Poe and Mrs Whitman

Issue #4 June 2001 -- North Burial Ground Tour

Issue #5 July 2001 -- Lizzie Borden Tour -- Lost Civilizations Update

Issue #6 September 2001 -- Ur-Cthulhu? -- The Harvestman

Issue #7 November 2001 -- The Chepachet Tour: Searching for Rhode Island's legendary Dark Swap with H.P. Lovecraft and C.M. Eddy

Issue #8 March 2002 -- The Giant Squid Issue -- The Innsmouth Athenaeum

Issue #9 - April 2002 -- Faust and Mephisto Special

Issue #10 - June 2002 -- Mount Auburn Cemetery Tour

Issue #11 - July 2002 -- Day of the Gorgons -- Mysteries of Akrotiri - Gorgon Poems

Issue #12 - September 2002 -- Empire of the Incas 10/2002

Issue #13 -- October 2002 -- Search for Lovecraft's Haunts in Lincoln Woods 10/2002

Issue #15 05/2008

Issue #16 05/2008

Brett Rutherford Updated E-Edition of Anniversarium: The Autumn Poems The culmination of more than 30 years of brooding over autumn and its imagery. A 20th century neo-Romantic masterpiece, evocative of Poe, Shelley, Whitman and the haunted autumn world of Ray Bradbury. Seven new poems were added in August 2002, including BR's powerful poem in response to visiting Manhattan after the attack on the World Trade Center. 10/2002
 Brett Rutherford, ed. May Eve: A Festival of Supernatural Poems. A ground-breaking chapbook, published in 1975, with chilling poems of hauntings and witchery by Barbara Holland, Shirley Powell, Brett Rutherford and Claudia Dobkins. Read a large sampling from this monstrous collection, including Barbara Holland’s famous "Black Sabbath" and "Apples of Sodom and Gomorrah." 10/2002

Whippoorwill Road: The Supernatural Poems of Brett Rutherford. Click over the title to view the PDF of this from the 250-page collection from America’s greatest master of macabre poetry. CLICK HERE to go to our E-Store to Order the expanded 4th Edition Print Edition, issued in March, 2008. 05/2008

Brett Rutherford: At Lovecraft’s Grave. Poems in tribute to H.P. Lovecraft, written for the 50th anniversary of his death, plus other HPL-related poems, and a poem for Frank Belknap Long. Plus photos of Lovecraft haunts. Updated to include the latest poem, "The Tree at Lovecraft's Grave." 10/2002

NEW! BRETT RUTHERFORD'S THINGS SEEN IN GRAVEYARDS. Revised and gathered together here in one compact, oblong book are all 15 of Brett Rutherford's multi-faceted graveyard poems. Terrifying, sardonic, satirical, romantic, erotic, these neo-Romantic poems are set in New England graveyards at Mt. Auburn, Providence, Salem, and rural Rhode Island, with side trips to New York City's Potter's Field (Hart Island), a haunted monument in Kyoto, and the legendary Aceldema in the Holy Land. Accounts of strange exhumations, grave robberies, graveyard trysts interrupted by lonely ghosts, and a delicious transcript of a meeting of cemetery security guards. There is much to savor in this handsome book, illustrated with black-and-white photos and pen-and-ink digital art. 80 pp. $11.99.
ISBN 0-922558-27-2

The Companion "Images" Volume is now available. 48 pages of full color digital photographs and digital art by Brett Rutherford. Views of historic cemeteries in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and other locales, mixed with evocative close-ups of foliage, flowers, exotic fungi, and the haunted architecture of New England. 48 pp., $17.00
ISBN 0-922558-28-0 05/2008

CLICK HERE  to order from our on-line bookstore.

FIRST TIME IN PAPERBACK! LAST FLOWERS: THE ROMANCE AND POETRY OF EDGAR ALLAN POE AND SARAH HELEN WHITMAN. With an essay by Brett Rutherford. Second edition, expanded and revised, 2003/2005, first paperback edition 2008. 160 pp. paperback. $13.96.
This is the definitive book on Edgar Allan Poe's doomed romance with Providence poet Sarah Helen Whitman, and the first time her poetry has been available in print since 1916. This book contains the poems both poets wrote about one another, and the best work they might have read to one another during their courtship. The essay traces Poe's 28 days in Providence in detail, as well as the genealogy and family history of Mrs. Whitman. Additionally, an appreciation of Sarah Helen Whitman's highly romantic poetry helps to place her in the pantheon of American women poets where she belongs.



Stephen Ronan Guest poet Stephen Ronan presents "Our Lady of Fall River," a haunting poem about America’s favorite ax murderer. Plus photos of Lizzie Borden, the murder house, and her tombstone.
Jacob Rabinowitz Guest poet Jacob Rabinowitz resurrects ghosts from antiquity in "The Haunting of Cynthia," new translations of Latin poems by Propertius. Chilling!



Lovecraft. Tales. Library of America Edition. This book has caused quite a stir. H.P. Lovecraft has now joined the American literary canon! Sitting there in a uniform edition next to Whitman, Melville and Poe — who would have dreamt it? Mysteries of Time & Space. Letters of H.P. Lovecraft and Donald Wandrei.
S.T. Joshi. H.P. Lovecraft: A Life. Currently very expensive because its first press run was sold out and it has not been reprinted. Exhaustive and exhausting, this is the last word in HPL biography. H.P. Lovecraft. Supernatural Horror in Literature. Annotated edition.
The Ancient Track. Complete Lovecraft Poems. For completists, this is every word of verse HPL ever wrote. H.P. Lovecraft. The Shadow Out of Time. The corrected text.
Lord of A Visible World. A biography in letters, selected by S.T. Joshi and David Schultz. Contains many frank and disturbing things pretty much suppressed in Derleth's edition of the letters. Muriel Eddy. The Gentleman from Angell Street. A memoir about Lovecraft's friendship with fellow Providence horror writer C.M. Eddy.
L. Sprague de Camp. H.P. Lovecraft: A Biography. The first serious biography of Lovecraft, it suffers from the psychoanalytic approach, but contains a warmer and more humane grasp of Lovecraft nonetheless. DVD. The H.P. Lovecraft Collection, Vol 1: Cool Air
DVD. Dagon. A dark and atmospheric film based on "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" and "Dagon." Some truly alarming moments! DVD. The Re-Animator. Perhaps the most outrageous and horrific film ever made from a Lovecraft story. A must for every horror collection!
DVD. John Carpenter's Lovecraft-influenced thriller, In the Mouth of Madness